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The University employs an outside service to provide a hotline for people to report suspected improper governmental activity via phone or online. Reporters may choose to remain anonymous. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and phone operators are able to take reports in several languages.

You may call the hotline at 800-403-4744 or enter your report online and upload any relevant evidentiary documents at universityofcalifornia.edu/hotline. Upon submission of a report, the hotline reporter is given a report ID number and password, allowing the reporter to check back on the case in the future to add additional information or review any responses that may have been posted by the University.

Reports submitted to the hotline are accessible to the UC Office of the President and to the UCLA Administrative Policies & Compliance Office which determines, in consultation with other campus units, what action may be warranted. Once a case is closed, a brief response to the reporter is posted with the hotline, to inform the reporter of the disposition of the case.

The hotline service does not replace or supersede other existing reporting methods. The University strongly encourages staff and other members of the community to report concerns of misconduct such as financial reporting or irregularity, internal control, misappropriation, research misconduct, and intercollegiate athletic violations through normal lines of communication.

Generally, the hotline should not be used to report workplace disputes with co-workers or supervisors. Such matters should be dealt with by discussing the concern with department management, or a human resources or union representative. Alternatively, the Ombuds Office is available for informal consultation on how to resolve a workplace dispute. If an employee seeks a personal remedy for an adverse personnel action (e.g., termination, demotion, suspension), it should be pursued through the formally established complaint or grievance process. Such a formal complaint or grievance cannot be submitted through the hotline.