About Us

The UCLA Administrative Policies & Compliance (APC) Office coordinates policy, delegation, and compliance matters at the campus level.

UCLA Administrative Policies and Procedures. The APC Office collaborates with departments in drafting, reviewing, and promulgating UCLA administrative policies and procedures.

Delegations of Authority. The Chancellor may redelagate his authority – delegated by Presidential delegation, to other UCLA officials through formal Delegation of Authority (DA) letters. The APC Office coordinates the issuing of DA letters and maintains the campus-level DA database.

Compliance. The APC Office coordinates responses to reports of improper governmental activity and whistleblower retaliation. It also coordinates compliance with HIPAA and other health privacy requirements for entities outside the Medical Enterprise.

Policies and Procedures Directory. The APC Office manages the online directory of relevant University-wide policies, procedures and other resource links applicable to the campus.

The APC Office reports to the Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer.